Small town beauty saloon

Jicarean Rahela
Project Type:
Commercial design

This project came to us as a simple request and it involved the development not only of a beauty salon in the direct sense but a complex design solution.

Rendered services:
Project briefing & research, design consultancy & concept, 2d technical drawings, 3d interior simulation, furniture , product and decoration creation and development, photo realistic rendering,project management and partial implementation supervision, recommendations and excerpts, acquisition assistance, full chain of suppliers

We can only hope that at the end of this long and adventurous  implementation process this project will result in  one of the most impressive factory offices in the area and everyone crossing the companies threshold will be as dazzled with the concept as our clients were when they first saw it.

Vendors & partners:

Reflexia (ceramics and sanitary items), Prima Lighting (lighting and fixtures) , Magia Luminii (lighting and fixtures), Adda Grup (furniture), Mobexpert (ready made furniture), Carpathian Moss (green walls and plans) , TeoRuth (finishes), Dedeman (miscellaneous) , Casa Cardinal (textiles), Dorina Branduse (tailoring and textile mounting)