Axel Logistics Office Design

Axel Logistics
Project Type:
Commercial design

When what you see is what you are... when quality and uniqueness, draped in bold colors and positive vibes are your motto and sharpness is your characteristic you get a customized space that speaks professionalism and good business. This is Axel Logistics Line Office.

We took over the project from the very beginning and custom designed every single element to fit the needs of busy, fast running office. With mostly open spaced working space we took into account the day to day activities never forgetting about the impact the visual result will make on any and every person that steps into the office for the very first time and every time since then. Comfortable but cutting edge, modern with a splash of glamorous detailing, the office makes an impact from the moment you step through the door into the reception area. The company brand is clearly underlined in every space, not to crowded, but not absent, and the values of the company are imprinted into the very walls of the space but they are also integrated through carefully crafted graphics. From the bathroom signs to the kitchen counter and all the way to the directorial offices every part was thought through to reflect and accommodate a growing, high achieving company and all its members.

Rendered services:
Project briefing & research, design consultancy & concept, 2d technical drawings, 3d interior simulation, furniture, product and decoration creation and development, photo-realistic rendering, project management and partial implementation supervision, recommendations and excerpts, acquisition assistance, full chain of suppliers

At the end of a tumultuous process we delivered an exceptional interior , functional and aesthetically vigorous that makes a positive impact on the members of the team and on any visitor that enters the space imprinting the feeling of professionalism , high achieving environment and forward thinking leadership on every mind that comes into contact with the Axel Logistics company.

Vendors & partners:

Forogres (ceramics), Reflexia (sanitary items), Prima Lighting (lighting and fixtures), Adda Grup (furniture)