BGM Group Factory Offices

BGM Group
Project Type:
Commercial design

This project was split in two from the very beginning. The first part consisted of the workers bathrooms and locker rooms, dining room and kitchen and a temporary open space office. This was entirely a consultation design type of project in which we coordinated the teams that implemented our ideas and we sketched furniture, positioning plans and electrics and custom pieces. This first step took over 4 months to complete. The second step was the big one… The first floor of the factory offices is composed as follows: entrance, waiting lounge, reception, two directorial offices, small meeting room, bathroom, corridors, open space offices, large meeting room, kitchen and a small server room. All the spaces had to transmit the idea of luxury, high end company, family style approach to business and management, corporate but warm design and personalization. We used materials like metal balanced with woods, ceramics balanced with fabrics and green elements to bring air and relaxation into a demanding environment. Most of the ceiling is made a special kind of system, with fabric covered beams, interspersed with lights and the sound system. The directorial offices are twins. One is mostly white with the logo and lights in black, and the other is mostly black with the logo and lights in white. The ceiling in this two rooms is an extendable ceiling with a LED perimeter and flawless finish. All of the elements are one of a kind. The open space offices had to accommodate many different departments with their needs: design, accounting, sales, etc. so the objects were tailored to suit everyone in a very limited space. The branding elements can be found everywhere but in a moderate amount and subtle use… from the logo directly to the brand colors used in different applications.

Rendered services:
Project briefing & research, design consultancy & concept, 2d technical drawings, 3d interior simulation, furniture, product and decoration creation and development, photorealistic rendering, project management and partial implementation supervision, recommendations and excerpts, acquisition assistance, full chain of suppliers

The objective for this dynamic project was and still is to manage an incredibly large array of tasks with a limited budget and tight deadlines for every stage. The number of teams involved in the realization of this project from tear-down to building, from finishes to furniture, from design to decoration is large and many of the teams are newcomers. The design is reaching a new level of sophistication when it comes to local offices so the requirements are high for everyone involved.  We hope to reach our objective and deliver the best product at every stage.

We can only hope that at the end of this long and adventurous implementation process this project will result in one of the most impressive factory offices in the area and everyone crossing the company’s threshold will be as dazzled with the concept as our clients were when they first saw it.

Vendors & partners:

Reflexia (ceramics and sanitary items), Prima Lighting (lighting and fixtures), Magia Luminii (lighting and fixtures), Adda Grup (furniture), Mobexpert (readymade furniture), Carpathian Moss (green walls and plans) , TeoRuth (finishes), Dedeman (miscelanous) , Casa Cardinal (textiles), Dorina Branduse (tailoring and textile mouting)