Maschio Gaspardo

Maschio Gaspardo
Project Type:
Exhibition Design
2019, Budapest, HU

This exhibition booth was made from different types of structure and custom elements. It included a double decker and a hanging sign so that the logo of the company can be visible from all sides of the hall. Visitors were attracted into the large space by the display of bright colours and beautiful graphics. We used a quite large lightbox and seamless graphics all around the double deck and also personalised every part of the dividing walls under the double deck were the VIP area and storage area were positioned. On the top side of the double deck we arranged a lounge area with armchairs and coffee tables in a luxurious manner. The booth had everything the client needed and more, wrapping all the elements from lighting, grass and decoration, tables, chairs, TV`s and shelving and many more, in an elegant style. The project took 3 days to complete from ground up to the finishing details with a team made out of more than 10 people.

Rendered services:
Project briefing & research, design consultancy & concept, 2d technical drawings, 3d simulation, photorealistic rendering, full project management, logistics and building

The main objective for this custom, modular exhibition booth was to accommodate the display of large products while also looking elegant and modern with a unitary design concept.

This exhibition stand stood out in the middle of the large hall because of powerful lighting, the use of modern furniture, bright colors and boldly displayed graphics and made the fair days be worth our client’s efforts.

Vendors & partners:

West Media Group (graphics, furniture), SIS Events (lighting, stage structure, electrics), Extocube (structure, furniture, carpet, graphics, lighting)