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Smart Factory
Project Type:
Exhibition Design
2019, Arad, RO

This exhibition design project was a very interesting one. For the first time in Romania T&T, the organisers of DemoPlast and DemoMetal, came with the idea of reuniting more than one participant in a single booth under the Smart Factory motto. This booth was meant to display and demonstrate all the newest technology and machinery that goes into a factory from design to production, from hardware to software. All the different parts were presented by different participants with different needs so we had to come up with modern, industrial, complex, but simple and versatile furniture, which we produced from scratch , simple and easy to move logo posts and wire all the stand so that they could use different electrical lines to operate machinery and also use laptops, TV`s and projectors. Also, the lighting had to be brilliant so that the lines and clear and easy to spot. The booth was large but very busy so for the Smart Factory logo and motto to be visible we used a tall gateway, personalised outside and inside with graphics and we made it so that visitors would pass under the archway by continuing the same carpet colour from the hallways through the booth. We produced black iron and wood industrial furniture and colourful textile seating pared with modern stools and bar tables. The experience was difficult to manage but we pulled it off with flying colours.

Rendered services:
Project briefing & research, design consultancy & concept, 2d technical drawings, 3d simulation, photorealistic rendering, full project management, logistics and building

The main objective for this custom, modular exhibition booth was to accommodate the needs of many different participants in one homogenous space while keeping the concept unified and elegant.

This exhibition stand was a premier in the Romanian fair field and got the admiration of all who participated and all who passed through the colorful, busy and bright space.

Vendors & partners:

Extocube Team