Branea Design, VestMobDistribution, Casa Cardinal, Reflexia, Carpathian Moss, Tavane Extensibile, Kenosis Design
Project Type:
Exhibition Design
2019, Arad, Romania

This large exhibition booth was a very challenging one. We had to combine the products, services and identities of seven different companies under one banner: interior design services and products from design to implementation. The concept is quite unique. The Branea Design team reunited their circle of suppliers and partners and came together to offer clients the whole experience in one visit. We integrated lighting, different styles of furniture, green walls, decorative walls , textiles and ceramics with typical booth elements like graphics , modular walls, archways, hanging signs, a storage area and a VIP room while keeping the booths design unified and elegant. The busy stand had an island shape but we closed several parts in order to accommodate all that was necessary for all participants involved. We had help from every client to install their products like beds, heavy hard wood tables , a self standing bath tub , different ceramics and large pieces of decorative walls and in the end the composition was artfully balanced and beautiful. We provided all the structure for the walls and every base element from floor to ceiling, graphics to electric and all the services from design to management, logistics and building.

Rendered services:
Project briefing & research, design consultancy & concept, 2d technical drawings, 3d simulation, photorealistic rendering, full project management, logistics and building

This exhibition stand was very well received and visited by a large number of people.The whole exhibition show being a real success for everybody.

Vendors & partners:

Extocube, Branea Design, Vest Mob Distribution, Casa Cardinal, Reflexia, Carpathian Moss, Tavane Extensibile, Kenosis Design