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Prestige Tours
Project Type:
Exhibition Design
2020, Bucharest, Romania

This exhibition booth project was a very challenging one. Starting with the concept we had to think of a brand new and original way of accommodating a large number of agencies and hotels in a limited space, all around a design idea never before tried in the Romanian exhibition industry.  Adding to the participants numbers each one had a long list of technical requirements and demands. On top of these we had to take into account the very large number of clients presents in the booth and around it. We had to think of modular, custom made, locally fabricated iron structures, that could be easily assembled and aesthetically pleasing. We had to include hundreds of meters of LED lights, huge lightboxes, tens of Edison light bulbs, tens of graphics, a very large hanging sign, curved arcades over the VIP and kitchen area, tens of plants and flowers, lots of storage areas, a very large lounge and bar area and all kinds of unique, custom made details. The build took 5 days with 2 teams composed of 5 and 3 people. It was a challenging project, but a very successful one.

Rendered services:
Project briefing & research, design consultancy & concept, 2d technical drawings, 3d simulation, foto-realistic rendering, full project management,logistics, furniture manufacturing, rental and custom made elements building and construction

This exhibition stand had wonderful reviews both visual andfunctional, from both the Romanian participants and also from the Turkishowners and all the agencies and hotels involved. We are looking forward toimproving upon this success when the next event comes!

Vendors & partners:

Extocube's extended team & Profi Printing