Eclectic Glamour House

Nagy Familly
Project Type:
Interior Design, Project Management

This project was a very successful one from start to finish. We met our clients one late autumn and started working on the project before the Winter Holidays. The old apartment had to be stripped down to its core essentials and everything remade … From heating to electrical, from doors to walls everything was made anew. The design is an edgy minimalism with feminine touches of gold and dusty rose so to accommodate both partners in the couple that was going to live there for the next few years at least. All the furniture was custom made. Every inch of the space was studied and elaborated. We chose the best ceramics and combined them to obtain the maximum of effect without losing the feeling of modern trendiness. It was a pleasure to oversee the implementation of this project and we are happy to say that the connection between the team and the clients will be one that last through the years.

Rendered services:
Project briefing & research, design consultancy & concept, 2d technical drawings, 3d interior simulation, furniture, product and decoration creation and development, photo realistic rendering, project management and partial implementation supervision, recommendations and excerpts, acquisition assistance, full chain of suppliers.

The primary objective was to fit as much closet space into this small apartment without crowding the rooms or adding to much furniture and keeping everything as simple and airy as possible. We wanted to have this feeling of edgy trendiness and homey feeling while balancing budget and deadlines but never losing sight of the value of quality over quantity and price.

The projectfrom start to finish took about 18 months and the final result was better thanthe clients expected and even if we had our bumps along the way in the end theapartment was spectacular and everyone was more than thrilled with every aspectof the new home.

Vendors & partners:

Furnizori:Forogres (ceramics), Badehouse (sanitary items) , TeoRuth (finishes andinstallation), Evalight (lighting and fixtures) , Casa Cardinal (wallpaper andtextiles), Dorina Branduse (tailoring and textile mounting)