Trendy House

Vucu Family
Project Type:
Interior Design

This beautiful house was in a scary state when we took it over. Unfinished and neglected it rose out of the ashes of the residential developments fire pit and with nourishment and care it became a wonderful home for a family of four. We absolutely loved working with our clients on this project. They trusted our choices and experience and we never let them down.  The project combines decorative brick with industrial vibe illumination and handmade art all in a modern style with each room tailored to the needs of the occupant. All the furniture is custom made in a high standard production and all of the decorations are handpicked, down to the toothbrush holder and bed linen. The two special mirrors in the house are designed and hand sculpted for the owners to match the furniture, style and colors in the rooms. Each piece of lighting was carefully selected and every textile texture felt and matched to its room. We also designed the exterior of the house, garden and terrace in the same vibe and with the same type of decorative brick. All in all, it resulted in a very pleasing house, homey and balanced that reflects the owner’s personalities and desires. With every new addition to the house we are still called to advice the wonderful people that now live in this home and we hope that we will keep in touch years to come.

Rendered services:
Project briefing & research, design consultancy & concept, 2d technical drawings, 3d interior simulation, furniture, product and decoration creation and development, photo realistic rendering, project management and partial implementation supervision, recommendations and excerpts, acquisition assistance, full chain of suppliers

We wanted to revive a rather depressed architecture and give color to this house in order to transform it into a home. We allied with our clients and faced the developers in order to force them to give us their best work and materials. We balanced the passions, needs and desires of every member of the family to obtain the best-balanced concept for them.

The whole process from concept to implementation took longer than 18 months but the end result still brings joy to our hearts and satisfaction to our artistic ego. We are happy to know that the family appreciates our work and we still keep in touch with them whenever possible.

Vendors & partners:

Furnizori: Forogres (ceramics), Badehaus (sanitary items), West Mob Distribution (readymade furniture), Mobilier Venetia (custom made furniture), Proges (Flooring), Evalight (lighting and fixtures), Dorina Branduse (tailoring and textile mounting)