Eclectic Glamour House

Andrica Family
Project Type:
Interior Design, Project Management
2018 – 2019

We took over the project before building started so we could review all the architecture and technical plans. The architecture concept had to include the front of an old house, it`s entry and two rooms which later became bedrooms for two twin children. The one floor house will be the home of a family of 4 and it balances the necessities of all individuals. The design is a relaxed approach to the modern style. With accents of wood and art pieces that decorate the interior this project underlines the importance of details in every space. The final touch is given by the custom made, one of a kind furniture designs, the handmade decorations, sculptures and paintings and the impressive lighting fixtures carefully selected for every space.

Rendered services:
Project briefing & research, design consultancy & concept, 2D technical drawings, 3D interior simulation, furniture, product and decoration creation and development, photo realistic rendering, project management, recommendations and excerpts, acquisition assistance, full chain of suppliers

The main objective for this space was to balance a rather small budget with a high quality and demanding dream design, combining a seemingly simple concept with unique art and furniture custom made for the clients requirements.

Even if we didn`t control all the aspects of implementing this project, the design was seen through by the owners and our supplies collaborators. This project thought us how to blend a beautiful vision with realistic expectations and deliver the best product in any circumstances.

Vendors & partners:

Furnizori: Reflexia (ceramics & sanitary items), Magia Luminii (lighting and fixtures), Casa Cardinal (wallpaper and textiles), Dorina Branduse (tailoring and textile mounting)